Our content production includes different types of reports, with a multitude of specialist knowledge and real world scenarios.

See a couple of examples below:

  • PEIPER’s Vulnerability Report
    Assessment report issued after the penetration testing is complete. It’s based on a collection of the company’s exposed data. That is translated into information that the client can actually use.
  • PEIPER’s Monthly Report
    Subscription based report, with assessment results of ongoing security verification checks of the company. Issued every month.
  • PEIPER’s SecAct Report
    Subscription based report, with recommendations and best practices about IT security industry, hands on articles you can put into practice.
  • PEIPER’s News Report
    Subscription based report, with news and top trends on the security industry, focusing on IT and physical perimeter security.
  • PEIPER’s Social Engineering Report
    Subscription based report, all about social engineering. Includes stories and use cases on identified / noticed / reported occurencies, threats and developments, mitigation and prevention.